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About Us

Zingerlatka are original headbands, hair accessories, fashion accessories, and jewellery.

The brand is run by two sisters, Kristína Jurinyi and Patrícia Kucharová, formerly Kamenické. While their primary focus is creating accessories for brides, they are open to any good idea. Their portfolio includes diadems of various sizes and materials, jewellery made of silver and gold-plated components, hair ornaments of different types, accessories for formal dresses, and gifts for bridesmaids. Their specialty, however, are diadems, as they know that women want to feel like princesses not only when they are little girls.

Their story began when Patrícia got married and wanted a crown. They created their first diadem, the “Patrícia” diadem. Patrícia’s request was clear – to combine traditional pistil elements that appeared in folk costumes with contemporary fashion and create a unique product.

After the great success Patrícia had at her wedding, they decided to continue production and came up with new designs, now with their specific style, which they constantly improve and adapt thanks to their clients.

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